Cambria Global Logistics     International Shipping Consultants

We are specializing in exotic,  specialty and high value vehicle exports offering containerized service, roll on roll off service and air freight. Container loadings are handled in our Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Newark and Los Angeles terminals.

Inland transportation is handled with a nationwide trucking network with enclosed  carriers.  

We are shipping exotic and high value specialty vehicles around the world. Destination agents are trained to handle exotic vehicles and can  deliver your precious cargo all the way to the destination address. 

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We offer Global Logistics Solutions including ocean transport, air freight, domestic transportation and  all of these combined.

We arrange shipments from anywhere in the United States to any global destination. You can put your trust in Cambria Global Logistics.

  Cambria Global Logistics, LLC
  Licensed and bonded Worldwide Shipping Consultants
Tel. (404) 514-3899

We specialize in Vehicle Logistics and can arrange shipment for your automobile from any U.S. address to any port in the world. Containerized and Ro-Ro service available. Auto shipping terminals in Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Newark and Los Angeles with trucking network covering the entire United States.   
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